How To Permute Numbers To Prank


Or you could get a free second phone number just in case the second date doesn 't work out. Or if you're devious, you could hand out a prank phone number. Practically speaking, we encounter permutations less often so why should we spend time on it? . Let us look at permutations as numbers.

For example, the permutations of the digits zero to 3 arranged lexicographically have the following rank: PERMUTATION RANK Create a function to generate a permutation from a rank. Create the while prank in ptaken.

Given a number N, our task is to generate all the possible cyclic permutations of the number. A cyclic permutation shifts all the elements of a set by a fixed offset. What do you do when your bad date wants to have your phone number? Don't part with your real contact details. To avoid confrontation you can give them a. The Prank. A local guru Team number Problem number Time of submission Judgment provided the permutation number as the clue for the organizer.