Make The Grade Game Show


Make the Grade was a short-lived educational game show where kids would get a chance to test their knowledge. Three contestants who sat in colored desks. Making the Grade is an academic quiz bowl for the Gary area of Indiana. Contents[show] Gameplay Two grade schools represented by four students each .

Make the Grade is a children's game show that aired from October 2, through December 29, on Nickelodeon. Featured in WatchMojo: Top 10 Children's Game Shows () See moreĀ» Hopefully at some time Nick will add "Make the Grade" to its rerun lineup. A description of tropes appearing in Make The Grade. Nickelodeon Game Show that was part Jeopardy! and part carnival midway, with a school theme.

Our ranked list of the 15 best kids game shows from the 90s, from 'Video Reason for Ranking: Even though Make the Grade appeared to be a. Before I read which classic game show would make the cut, I (foolishly) Make the Grade () was pretty much Jeopardy Jr. with physical. If GUTS was the show for athletes, Make the Grade was Nickelodeon's game show for nerds. Play was basically a combo of Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit, with .